Strong Use of New Amtrak Line

The new Amtrak line transported twice as many customers as anticipated in its first month of operation.  #

5 Responses to “Strong Use of New Amtrak Line”

  • I just took the 171 down from Boston today. It was a very nice—I always enjoy the Northeast Regional trains.

  • Wonderful.

    ‘Virginia has budgeted a monthly subsidy of $242,000 for the train, but only $48,000 of that will be needed for October”

    This is a 2-year demonstration project, so if the State can see unequivocally that just a little seed money can get a viable transportation option up and running there may be more to come. Imagine the latent demand for a more commuter friendly schedule.

    I rode the service on its first day to a conference. Prompt arrival, good customer service, good price. All they need is wifi.

  • This is pure awesome.

  • I will amend my comment: It’s great when it runs! Trains were canceled today due to snow, as I found out after walking 4 miles. I thought trains were a safe bet in any weather…

  • Just found out a bit more info on this: Snow gets packed into the track switches, and they have to clear that out before the trains can run. (The track in between is easily cleared by plow engines.)

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