11 thoughts on “Crozet Library Delayed for the Bajillionith Time”

  1. That’s all we need is a new library in crozet. Can you imagine what a new library will do to the population of crozet. Lets move to crozet, they just got a new library. Population explosion in crozet all over again. BOS are finally getting it right, at least on this one.

  2. Lets move to crozet, they just got a new library.

    Yes, please, let’s keep things bad in order to avoid overpopulation. Heck, I don’t know why we don’t demolish the schools and libraries in Charlottesville. That’d help.

    Hands up from everybody who has ever moved to be closer to a library. Hands up from every real estate agent who has ever had a client who moved to be closer to a library. Hands up from everybody who has ever heard of somebody moving to be closer to a library?

    Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

  3. The Farmville library is having a fabulous redesign, after 30-some years of planning. I hear it’s gorgeous.

  4. Waldo, don’t you live close to a library?

    Definitely not. I live on top of a mountain surrounded by many square miles of forest in the northeast corner of the county, nearer to Gordonsville than to Charlottesville. I don’t live close to anything.

  5. Lucky you, Waldo. You are living in what sounds like the place of my dreams.
    Maybe someday- back to Rappahannock.

  6. Well, I do often say one of the reason I stayed in C’ville early on is because I really liked having access to UVA’s library. Then I got to know some cool people and then we got to be number 1, and the we got some different people, and well, I still live here….

    I can’t imagine moving somewhere because they had a relatively crappy public library with lots of Dan Brown books-on-tape. Why would I even have to, when I’ve got Waldo, not to mention lots of free pron streaming at near lightspeed(don’t tel me you don’t know wut I’m sayin’ he he he) right into my home 24 hours a day?

  7. I can’t wait for the new library. I can’t wait to be able to walk to it on a sidewalk (and have my kids walk on it to a sidewalk!) and park at it without doing a 13-point turn or waiting with the back of my car sticking out on 240 for someone to back out of his space. I love the current library and get a lot of books there for school; the librarians are the best. I would survive if it stayed as is. But why would I ever be unhappy about a new library?

  8. Someone did move to Crozet for the library –


    otta say, though – the presence of the Library in Crozet was a major factor in our decision to look for a house here 5 years ago. I am one person who did move to Crozet because of the Library.

    It’s not why but is a part of why …

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