Dr. Latham Murray Has Died

One of the Murray brothers, Dr. Latham Murray, died yesterday evening, of causes as yet undetermined. The eight sons of Panorama Farm owners Jim and Bunny Murray—James, Matthew, Christopher, Stephen, Andrew, Thomas, Timothy, and Latham—are pervasive in the community, quietly doing the various good deeds that make Charlottesville and Albemarle go ’round. The 58-year-old was a thoracic surgeon at Martha Jefferson, the chair of their board, and, as a hobby, a craftsman. He’s survived by his wife and their five children, one of whom—Wistar—should be well known to those who read Charlottesville blogs (although she recently moved to New York)—as should be Wistar’s husband, Darren Hoyt. A memorial service will be held sometime early next year.

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