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  1. Here’s coincidence- the same hour I log in and read your post and then click thru and read the story link. I go to my email account and find an amazon.com advertisement for the Hallmark movie mentioned in the story “A dog named Christmas.” Which is supposed to air on CBS Sunday Nov 29th.

    I’ve got cats. Too many really. And I feed the ferals (which is how I got some of my cats- tamed feral).

    Unfortunately I just don’t have enough time to give to a dog. If I had a job where I could take the Dog to work- that would be different. But having a dog just so he could keep the cats company. That’s not fair to the dog.

    But everyone else should definitely foster an animal!!

  2. TrvlnMn- thanks for thinking of the ferals too! Have you had them spayed or neutered yet through the free clinics that Voices for Animals puts on throughout the winter? That’s where I took mine. VFA also vaccinates the cats after the operation. It’s a really great service they provide to the community.

  3. I can speak personally to the benefits of BOTH programs, fostering and feral-spay/neuter. One of our cats was a kitten from a feral litter that got trapped and then adopted out via VFA, and the other was an SPCA foster kitten (that Waldo advertised, incidentally!).

  4. My wife and I are such big fans of fostering that we’re having our new house (under construction now) built with a room designed for (among other things) accommodating foster dogs and cats.

  5. I discovered Voices for Animals a few years ago right after two fertile female ferals had two separate litters of kittens (3 each).

    The first group I caught, socialized and planned on giving away- but couldn’t. The 2nd group I caught and socialized- and had to take them to the SPCA. Shortly after that both females were trapped neutered and released. That gave me a more or less stable population.

    One neutered female was eventually killed by a car. The 2nd neutered female returned after an extended absence of almost a year, I was able to tame it to such an extent that I could pick it up at will (the cat purring loudly every time) and so that the cat would seek me out whenever we were both outside and around. At that point it was a short bridge from that- to hauling it to the vet for the standard shots (with none of the drama during the first trip when it was feral) and re-connecting the mama cat with the kittens I took from her.

    FWIW: My cats are indoor only cats.

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