Local Man on NPR’s StoryCorps

Charlottesville’s Dr. Gregg Korbon told the story of how Brian C. Korbon Little League Field got its name on NPR this morning. John Borgmeyer named this as the best story recorded by StoryCorps here in 2005.  #

2 Responses to “Local Man on NPR’s StoryCorps”

  • I have to agree that this story of Brian Korbon is without a doubt the saddest, yet most inspirational story I’ve heard through Story Corp, or anywhere else. It has made me pull my own children closer, and wonder what they know that I don’t.

  • The grace with which Greg tells this story (and lives his life) speaks of both his wonder of things that we just don’t understand and his faith that, even through tragedy and pain, things are working themselves out in their perfection.

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