10 thoughts on “Give Kids a Christmas”

  1. Our neighborhood does this every year — we get the names/needs (actually, we don’t get their real names) of some families from the counselors at the nearby public schools and folks in the neighborhood divvy up the list of needed/wanted items. I find it really hard not to go overboard shopping for these families. Something about seeing someone’s holiday wish-list including things like basic clothing items (little kids needing pants, long underwear, etc.) and food…I find it so sad.

  2. We’ve done this ever since my daughter was old enough to pick her own recipient. For the first few years she chose someone her own age, then she went the opposite direction and chose someone in their 70’s. We got the most spectacular thank-you note that year that she’s continued to choose an older recipient ever since. It’s a confirmed part of our holiday tradition.

  3. oniss, where do you get your pool of potential older recipients? Do you keep it anonymous?

  4. Thanks Waldo. I wasn’t aware of this until I saw your post, I signed up this morning. What a simple way to directly help a family in need.

  5. We usually get ours off an angel tree somewhere in town — VNB downtown usually has one, I think fashion square mall has one. We shop around. The year we got a thank you note, I believe it was forwarded to us through the Salvation Army.

  6. Glad to see all of you people trying to do good at least one day out of the year.
    May I suggest that instead of everbody trying to have a feel good and important moment on Xmas day that you pick another day in any month of the year and do the same thing for a needy family. Need is all year not just on Xmas day. Even better find out the birthdays of the family members you intend to give to on xmas day and show up with birthday presents for each member of the family on their birthday rather than doing everything on just xmas day.
    Don’t be like everybody else, show up on xmas day and then can’t be seen or found for the rest of the year.

  7. Remember, kids: If you say you do something nice on Christmas, that means you’re a worthless asshole the other 364 days out of the year.

    Or something like that. I’m not really clear on it.

  8. My name is Latoya and I am a single mom with three childern and would like to have someone adopt us for christmas any help would very much appreciated

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