USPS Plans to Consolidate Local, Richmond Facilities

USPS Distribution Facility
The USPS Distribution Facility on Airport Rd.

As many people forecast, the USPS intends to scale back significantly their new processing facility on Airport Road, Bryan McKenzie writes in the Progress, moving that work to a newer facility in Richmond. The postal service announced in August that they’d be conducting a study on the topic, with the results due to have been announced a month ago. ( The Richmond facility opened in September, after the possibility of consolidation was mentioned; the notion that they would build the facility without first deciding what was to be done with it strains credulity.) They say that the study results support consolidation, but they’re not saying how many of the 181 jobs will be eliminated. That will presumably come out at the November 18 public hearing that they plan to hold.

What I haven’t yet seen addressed is what this will mean for our mail. Will all of our outgoing mail have to go through Richmond?

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