Bell Challenger Compares Him to a Cheating Husband

The Democratic challenger to Delegate Rob Bell sent out a mailing earlier this week comparing him to a cheating husband, Brian McNeill writes in the Progress. Cynthia Neff‘s glossy, 8.5″x11″ one-page mailer shows a bouquet of roses on one side, with large text reading: “It’s like a cheating husband who sends flowers to cover up what he’s done.” (Image here.) The back side says that “Rob Bell is just like a cheating husband who gets away with it,” saying that he sends a lot of friendly letters to constituents, but—Neff argues—he does it to cover up that he’s voting against the interests of the citizens of the 58th District. (Image here.) Bell immediately incorporated the front of the image into a fundraising e-mail, which he sent out on Monday, calling it a “doozy” of an attack ad. He calls the attack a sign that Neff’s campaign is desperate. In the Progress, Neff’s campaign spokesman didn’t address the implication that Bell had been unfaithful to his wife, but instead repeated some of the criticisms already present in the mailer, such as that Bell has voted against increasing teacher pay and voted to prevent rape victims from receiving emergency contraception in emergency rooms to prevent pregnancy.

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