Planning Commission Opposing Rezoning Due to Road Capacity

The Albemarle Planning Commission is set to oppose rezonings in the vicinity of Glenmore, Connie Chang writes for Charlottesville Tomorrow, because there’s simply not the road capacity to handle the traffic between there and Charlottesville. That’s good news for supporters of common sense. Traditionally, developers get to build whatever they want just about wherever they want, and we get stuck footing the bill for the sewer line capacity, road expansions, etc. to accommodate the development. It’s a net financial loser for the county. The area around Glenmore is designated as a growth area, to the perpetual horror of Glenmore, but a two-lane 250W runs between there and Pantops, and it’s already getting more traffic than it can handle. Adding the 1,000+ residential units that could hypothetically be added would require $16M in road upgrades. As the state’s transportation system hurtles towards bankruptcy, there’s almost zero chance of such upgrades happening. Wisely, the planning commission isn’t interested in approving development that our infrastructure can’t handle. It’s a practical approach that hasn’t often been taken in the county, but one that’s necessary in the face of a slow-motion economic transportation crisis that isn’t likely to be solved in the next decade.

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