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  1. Interesting. I have a Kindle and might check it out. You get a free 14 day trial to newspapers and magazines. Then, it will depend on how much the DP decides to charge.

  2. Are there that many kindle users in Cville? I refuse to participate in the e-book movement. If it’s digital it can be too easily manipulated, redacted, deleted.

    This article about Kindle and George Orwell’s Novel “1984.” Where a novel was remotely deleted from the devices of Kindle users, is in my opinion a great reason not to use the device. Link.

    Final result of that situation- this link.

  3. I only know of one other person with a Kindle but there are those Darden students who received the Kindle DX as a trial so who knows? Maybe DP is hoping they’ll subscribe.

    Your arguments against ebooks is common. One can look at digital music and see what has happened there. Most, if not all, of Amazon’s books are DRM’d (another argument) and can only be read on the Kindle it is downloaded for. You can’t share the books, except by downloading to another on your Amazon account. There are other places that offer ebooks so you are not tied down to only getting books from Amazon but you have to make sure you get a format compatible with Kindle.

    A forum that I am a member of had a long conversation regarding the “1984” fiasco. Personally, I think Amazon did the right thing, but did it in the wrong way. If they hadn’t removed the books put there by someone who did not hold the copyright then they could have been sued by the copyright holder and forced to remove it anyway.

    Shortly afterward, Amazon changed the process in getting ebooks listed. The forum also has several self-publishing authors. Rather than see their books posted within hours, Amazon now reviews the books to make sure that they hold the rights to publish the book. This appears to take a week.

    They are also reviewing the titles they already have listed. A few weeks ago I received a notice that the copy of “The Little Prince” that I purchased appeared to be in violation and was told that I would be receiving a refund and the title would be removed. I should have known that 99 cents was too good to be true, especially when there were other versions offered at slightly higher prices. Same for “1984” and “Animal Farm” – and those were legit.

    It is new technology and has the growing pains to go along with it. I enjoy my Kindle simply because I can now carry 100s of books with me without all the bulk. I don’t see the point in subscribing to newspapers, magazines or blogs since I get all that material off the respective websites for free. But I’ll give the DP a chance.

  4. Good luck to anyone trying out the free subscription to the epaper. I attempted that a couple of months ago. My first indication that something was amiss was when a delivery person left me a note in my mailbox apologizing for not installing a paper tube sooner. After four or so phone calls to correct the problem I was rewarded with a bill (one of several to follow) for the four weeks of paper issues that I never received. I finally mailed them a check just to get them out of my life.

  5. Waldo,

    Thanks for posting this on your site. The Kindle, for the moment, is the most popular and recognizable device on the scene right now and we hope to have vendor support for that as soon as possible.

    It is our ultimate goal to support as many e-reader devices as possible. i am working with our vendor to produce both .azw format and the more open .mobi format as well.

    We are also keeping track of the Apple rumor mill for the release of their device if the rumors prove true.


    My apologies for the difficulty you had with our ePaper service. We are still working on navigating several departmental integration issues.

    If anybody has any questions about ePaper or e-reader issues please contact me.

    -Matthew Rosenberg
    p: 434-964-5473
    e: mrosenberg@dailyprogress.com
    t: @dailyprogress

  6. I’ve got to say I love my kindle. I don’t subscribe to any newspapers but it is great for reading books. I’m carrying around a few dozen books currently and most of them have been free.

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