County Facing Revenue Shortfall

The county budget is in rough shape, Rachan Dixit writes in today’s Progress. Sales tax and personal property tax revenues are down 6.6% and 4.8% respectively, leaving Albemarle with a $4.7M shortfall. That’s worsened by the governor’s recent budget cuts, leaving the county $600k short on expected state funding. Short of a spectacular improvement in the economy in the coming months, the debate over taxation and spending should be particular contentious come spring. If this seems familiar, it’s because the same thing happened last year.

2 thoughts on “County Facing Revenue Shortfall”

  1. Give me a show of hands if you believe that the county is not going to raise taxes again!! …I don’t see any out there…

    So, how much do you think they will raise taxes? …I say it will be just over what they need to continue business as usual. So, don’t expect any operational or payroll reductions. But, you will hear them say they need to cut more services, if they don’t raise taxes.

    I would like to see them trim away at all of the fat in their budget. This is one case where marbling is not desired.

  2. NO increase in taxes until they UNDO the revenue-sharing agreement with the City, validate the parcels that get Land Use taxation and make sure property tax assessments are UNIFORM!

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