A Look Back at the UVA Baby Switch

It’s been over a decade since the UVA baby switch. (New to town? See Time’s 1999 story. The whole thing is too complicated—and bizarre—to explain here.) The UK’s Daily Telegraph has done a followup story on the two girls, who are now fourteen years old. Callie Conley and her (adoptive) mother, Paula Johnson, are both interviewed by the newspaper, while Rebecca Chittum and her (adoptive) grand/mother, Rosa Chittum, characteristically demur, so this is all from Conley’s perspective. For more, see Mike Allen’s 2008 look back on the decade anniversary of the whole affair in the Roanoke Times.

One thought on “A Look Back at the UVA Baby Switch”

  1. What’s truly sad about all of this is that this story, I’m certain, is far from over. I hope for the best for all parties involved, but I imagine the long string of tragedies may have a little more tacked on in the coming years.

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