6 thoughts on “DP Goes Narrow”

  1. Narrow is fine if it’s centered. Otherwise, anybody above 1024 x 768 is going to feel like they have to keep looking to the left for everything.

    Personally, I find that an awkward way to read online, which is why I have a GreaseMonkey script that centers everything on the Post’s web site… and changes the font.

  2. Unfortunate to see this happen and not unexpected…but it was a little pathetic over the weekend when the DP tried to pass this off as a positive initiative in “going green” (ie. saving some trees). If that’s the real motivation why don’t we just skip all the slow bleeding and go straight to a web only site.

  3. Maybe it’s making money. Many small papers do. There are still 30,000 people around here who want obits and TV listings and news on plain paper.

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