Free Textads, Now with More Awesome

Free text ads are newly improved—they can be twice as long and are (experimentally) no longer topic-restricted.  #

3 Responses to “Free Textads, Now with More Awesome”

  • This message came in as a CSS feed. I clicked on the link to follow it up and read the article, but instead in came a flood of CSS text messages in Russian. I shut it down when I saw what was happening.


  • Sorry about that. :) In layman’s terms, it was a harmless, simple technical error. In technical terms, I used a relative URL (/ads/) rather than an absolute URL (, and FeedBurner failed to map /ads/ to, which meant that—for about twenty minutes—any RSS reader that loaded the feed had a link to rather than the correct link. It’s all fixed now.

  • Perhaps knock up an ad for the Netroots Governor’s Debate?

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