Boyd Running Against Perriello

Ken Boyd plans to run against Rep. Tom Perriello for Congress, Brian McNeill writes in today’s Daily Progress. Well, that’s not strictly true. McNeill writes that Boyd attended an informational session for the apparent hordes of Republicans who intend to seek the nomination to run against the freshman Democrat, and Albemarle County Republican Chair Christian Schoenewald tells McNeill that “he told us he was running”; Boyd tells McNeill that he’s “still considering it very seriously.” Boyd serves on the Board of Supervisors, representing the Rivanna precinct. He’s a sophomore, first elected in 2003, defeating Democrat Peter Hallock with 52.6% of the vote. The 5th congressional district is huge—the size of New Jersey—and Charlottesville is in the northern tip of the triangular district, which extends clear to the North Carolina border. I’d say that somebody from this far north is unlikely to win the district—since we have very little in common with the rest of it—but given that Rep. Perriello was born and raised in Ivy, that’s clearly no true anymore.

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