2 thoughts on “Post Sides with Strom”

  1. I do wonder what she would think if one of those officers was killed as a direct result of information and photos she published.

    The information being posted may be publicly available, but there doesn’t seem to be a single source for the information like what Strom has created. That single source does seem to be dangerous for the officers involved in the task force.

    I fully admit that I haven’t gone looking for the information previously, but one peek at her blog made me think, “Wow, this seems like a drug dealer’s dream blog if he wanted to take out a few task force agents.”

    And we should all know by now that free speech isn’t completely free. There are things like libel and slander and yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded building where there is no fire that aren’t protected.

  2. If I had a beef with the local PD (and I don’t so I’m not) I’d be walking down there with 750 for the bail. Just to tweak them.

    I also must wonder- why there are no officers of color on the task force?

    I certainly don’t agree with her espoused world view, but there’s nothing wrong with the “watchdogs” having a “watchdog.”

    My opinion only.

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