2 thoughts on “Avoid the Lottery Scam”

  1. The ToS isn’t as bad as you make it sound. Of course, I 1) don’t play the lottery, and 2) would never trust someone else to do it for me anyway.

    Combine that with their illegal signs and implication that they are associated with the VA Lottery, and at most I’d say “hella sketchy”.

    Is there evidence it is actually an outright scam?

  2. The whole schtick here is that they keep track of your numbers and tell you if you win. But in the fine print—the ToS—it’s pointed out that that’s only true if you win $600 or less. More than that and they’re not going to bother to tell you. And, then, they give you just sixty days to claim it. After that, you’re SOL. Oh, and you’ve got to get your ticket in order to claim your winnings. How do you get your ticket? Well, they’ll mail it to you, but only first class USPS (no insurance), and they can’t promise it’ll show up. And they might—but they won’t say under what circumstances—require that you “visit one of Lottomatic’s offices” to claim your ticket. But they’re not saying where those offices are; they could be in Bulgaria.

    Sure sounds like a scam to me.

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