4 thoughts on “No New Life for Old Mall Bricks”

  1. I know this has been discussed before, but have city officials (or anyone else) ever provided an adequate explanation of why the non-broken bricks couldn’t have just been used for the rebricking? And how much are they making off selling the used bricks?

  2. Grind ‘em up and they dissolve into mud.

    Thats basically what bricks were to start with- superheated/cooked mud (granted I’m oversimplifying a bit).

    They should’ve been able to figure that one out in the first place.

  3. It sounds to me they simply didn’t like the way the crushed bricks looked because the fragments were in different sizes. Maybe they can grind them up and mix them in with the asphalt used on the MCP. Maybe they can use the dusty part to put on top of the transit center for insulation. Maybe they ought to give it to The Nature Conservancy that plans to restore the area streams. Maybe the brick was not fired hot enough in the first place.

  4. They worked just fine as bricks though. Thanks again for wasting $7.5 million!!!!!!!

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