Mink Creek Floods Scottsville Homes, Businesses

Scottsville’s Mink Creek flooded a bunch of Scottsville on Friday evening, Liz Palka reports for CBS-19. Apparently it rained a lot there on Friday (though I can’t find any record of that from nearby weather stations), which was enough for the downtown creek to jump its banks and leave some homes and businesses with the stream running across their floors.

The odd thing about this is that Scottsville spent millions of dollars to prevent this very thing from happening. Though obviously the James River is the real danger for Scottsville, Mink Creek has been a source of flooding problems for more than a century. That’s why Mink Creek was dammed up in 1975, as a part of the larger project to protect Scottsville from the periodic floods that devastated the town. What with the lack of a hurricane on Friday, it’s tough to understand what happened here. Thanks to “TrvlnMn” for the tip.

4 thoughts on “Mink Creek Floods Scottsville Homes, Businesses”

  1. That weather station has a gap in the data from 9:03pm Friday to 12:03am Saturday, just as the rainfall rate is peaking.

  2. If you go to the national weather service website. They’ve got a spot where you can get archival data – mainly a radar image with rainfall amounts in colors. Check the box with the county link and it adds counties to the map. On the section of the Va state map, with counties- the section of albemarle with the color indicators suggest between 5 to 6 inches. Which would jive with what I’ve been told by locals.

  3. Does anyone know where one could find groundwater level reports? I know this is slightly off topic, but I would like to know if we are above or below our rain levels for this year. It seems there has been more rain this year than in the last ten. I just want to know if its me or reality…

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