4 thoughts on “Local Gov’t Using Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, etc.”

  1. I think the ALL CAPS decision for cvilletweet is because the City told me that feed is connected via RSS to the news crawl on public access Channel 10. It is pretty small print on my little office TV, so ALL CAPS seems to improve the visibility. Brian Wheeler

  2. Brian is correct, we currently use it because it shows up much better on Channel 10 but we may change that so that no one thinks we are SHOUTING. It’s great to be able from home to put something on 10 everyone can read if the need arises but we don’t want to annoy folks. Thanks for the input.

  3. That’s actually a pretty clever repurposing of existing material, Ric. Rather than having somebody whose job it is to transcribe that stuff, all of the data comes out of the same pipe. I like it.

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