6 thoughts on “Arsonist Targets the Meadowcreek Parkway?”

  1. My only hope is that they catch who ever did this and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. There is absolutely no justification for this type of conduct.

  2. It sounds like the work of those ELF (Earth Liberation Front) guys. I bet they’ve got a branch office in C’ville. The demographic here is a perfect fit for them.

  3. Okay, so if some guy torched his girlfriend’s car because she cheated on him, then shouldn’t we treat that arson with the same severity?

    Really arson is arson, and while it’s a crime that should be punished, I think it ranks lower than crimes that cause physical harm to people. Essentially it’s just vandalism on a bigger scale.

    Regarding ELF, it never really was an “organization” per, so it’d be hard for Charlottesville to have a “branch office” of it. It was just a model that people could follow, with no real central leadership.

  4. Can’t say I approve, but on the other hand-can’t get too upset-reminds me of a scene in Ed Abbey’s The Monkeywrench Gang(if one assumes this is a protest against the Parkway). After all,sure that some felt the same way aabout the Boston Tea Party.
    On the other hand, the fanatical anti-abortion people also feel the same way about ends justifying means when they kill abortion providers like Dr. George Tiller. Or is that different because it targets people instead of property? Are there degrees of terrorism?
    Personally,I think eco-terrorism should be a term applied to those who trash the planet, polluters and the like. It could be said,”he who destroys human creation is called a vandal; he who destroys Nature’s creation is called a developer.”

  5. I don’t think the word “terrorism” should apply to property damage, with the possible exception of an implied threat to human life. For eample, if they’d torched the bulldozers and left a note saying “You’re next!” then that would be terrorism.

    Another telling characteristic is that terrorism tends to target innocent civilians. Strapping a bomb to yourself becoming a human weapon isn’t by itself terrorism. After all, it isn’t essentially any worse than dropping explosives from a plane. Once you walk into a crowded market and blow yourself up, then it’s clearly terrorism. Then again, dropping a bomb on the same market is just as wrong, and also terrorism in my book. We just have a cultural aversion to suicide attacks, and thus tend to mix up the two concepts.

    HollowBoy also makes a good point that one person’s “Terrorist” is another person’s patriot or “freedom fighter”. There’s no doubt that the Sons of Liberty also engaged in tarring and feathering, which is a pretty brutal way to die. Incidentally, It’s always been a mystery to me why our revolution succeeded and resulted in a stable government whereas most others in the world rarely do…

    As to the killing of physicians that perform abortions, I think it’s clearly terrorism, and quite different from torching a bulldozer or damaging some logging equipment. Our country has a long history of civil disobedience and passive resistance resulting in many of our most cherished freedoms. Thus, I think that form of speach should be constitutionally protected, but only in the sense that if you commit arson then you should be charged for arson, and nothing more (with some exceptions noted above).

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