6 thoughts on “Let the Wild Trader Joe’s Rumpus Start”

  1. The arrival of a Trader Joe’s around here should be greeted with joy.

    Not quite as much fun as a rooftop bar on top of a boutique hotel, high above downtown… but I’ll take my joy where I can get it.

    But if it’s in Albemarle Place, then I think that’s bad news, since it doesn’t seem like that monstrosity will be built any time soon. They’re still talking about the wonderful 14-lane flying interchange that they’ll need at the intersection of Hydraulic and 29 (see http://cvilletomorrow.typepad.com/charlottesville_tomorrow_/albemarle_place_development/).

  2. Foo, I wish they’d trade with Foods to put it in walking distance from my office on Old Ivy. Ah well: they finally followed me here.

    I grew up in Monterey Park, CA, 2-3 miles from one of the original TJ’s. Another was on my route to high school.

    I went east for college, no TJ of course. Came back for grad school in San Diego. TJ started expanding there around that time.

    Lived in western NY for a while, Wegmans wasn’t quite TJ. Moved to Tucson in ’92. TJ followed a couple years later.

    Moved back here in ’99. Waited. Waited. WAITED…

  3. I saw Trader Joe’s penciled in to the Albemarle Place plans when I went to take a look at them at the County office building last January or so. I called the Edens and Avant, the developer, to confirm whether any decisions were made about retailing, and they declined to comment.

    I would be nice to not have to drive to Richmond.

  4. I was hoping that a Trader Joe’s would be part of the Martha Jefferson remix.

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