Water Rate Climbing with Decreased Use

The Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority is raising their rates, Brandon Shulleeta reported in yesterday’s Daily Progress, a result of decreased water usage by citizens. RWSA’s rates are a function of their expenses—people using less water doesn’t significantly reduce the RWSA’s expenses, meaning that they’ve got to increase their rates to cover the difference. Ergo, they’re going to be charging Albemarle County 11.3% more for water and Charlottesville another 7.7%. Each locality will presumably be passing those costs onto customers, translating to a rate hike for everybody without their own well.

10 thoughts on “Water Rate Climbing with Decreased Use”

  1. So let me get this straight. They raised the rate because we were in a drought (to get people to conserve the water) and now they are charging because we dont’ use enough? Holy crap. What a bunch of bull! Make up your minds and stick with the story!

    “We got to this point because we didn’t keep up with our infrastructure as well as we should have,” Palmer said of the rate increases.

    Sooooo, we have to pay more because your dumbass top management people didn’t think it was in there best interest to update there infrastructure?

    Great timing by the way (what with the economy and all)!!

  2. Somehow supply and demand is backwards here. Normally when something is in heavy demand, price goes up. However, in this instance, when demand falls, price still goes up? This is frustrating.

  3. I’ve called this play before.

    And as I’ve also said- “There’s no reason to conserve water when everyone starts crying about a drought. Keep watering your lawn. And when the water authority finally raises rates because everyone’s conserving too much, at least my lawn is nice and green while everyone elses is yellow brown.”

    This move by the RWSA proves me right.

  4. This actually surprises anyone! This has been the SOP of water authorities for years. They don’t care how much water you use. Only that you use it. They always charge more when you use less and even more when you use more. This is not new.

  5. This is ridiculous…the city has already been using the utility system to supplement their budget…they wanted people to reduce their consumption…that’s what they got!

  6. That’s Bullshyte. Theft. I will not bend over again. Just cause I conserve does not mean they can rape me. Let them collect…from UVA!

  7. Forget about needing money to repair their current infrastructure wait till they spend $200 million on NEW
    INFRASTRUCTURE –you ain’t seen nothin yet

  8. Rate Payer, RWSA already has a $30M pot that they acquired for Ragged Mtn beginning several years ago. About 70% of their budget is for debt service and future capital imporovement projects, the rest goes towards salaries and operations. The increases are not primarily due to maintaining the 30%, but building up the 70%. Gary O’Connell is known for stockpiling money from today’s residents to spend on future residents. He says that keeps the budgets from showing spikes in revenues which would cause the public to pay more attention to what government is doing.

  9. Folks, we’re not doing our part for water use. Everybody walk straight into your bathrooms right now and leave the sink running for the rest of the day.

  10. Don’t forget to leave the chemically treated drinking water hose on to water your lawn and garden

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