Homeless SRO Facing Zoning Changes

A single-room occupancy (SRO) facility for the local homeless population has got some tough zoning problems ahead of it, Rachana Dixit writes for the Daily Progress today. SROs are tiny (200-450 square feet) studio apartments, often without per-unit bathrooms or kitchens, and have become popular among cities looking for transitional housing for single adults. Virginia Supportive Housing wants to reproduce here the SRO model that they’ve established elsewhere in the state, and the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation has given the non-profit $75,000 to help make it happen. Planning commissioners are trying to figure out how to make such a development possible. The usual requirements for parking don’t apply—many residents wouldn’t own a vehicle—there would need to be on-site social services, and general mixed-use standards may not make sense. Establishing an SRO facility is important to Mayor Dave Norris, though, so expect to see a push to make this happen.

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