8 thoughts on “We Love the Hybrids”

  1. Here’s the list. Interestingly, Charlottesville is the only top-10 city that’s not on the west coast!

    1. Eugene, Oregon
    2. Portland, Oregon
    3. Santa Barbara/Santa Maria/San Luis Obispo, California
    4. Monterey/Salinas, California
    5. San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, California.
    6. Charlottesville, Virginia
    7. Medford/Klamath Falls, Oregon
    8. Chico/Redding, California
    9. Juneau, Alaska
    10. Seattle/Tacoma, Washington

  2. Anyone else find Juneau a surprise? I thought they were all about the oil up there in Alaska!

  3. Maybe this is a list of all of the metropolitan areas that are not served well by their car dealers when it comes to having hybrids in stock or on order.

  4. The government/UAW theft of most of the domestic auto industry will insure that there will plenty of hybrids soon. Just no one will want to buy them and the auto companies will continue to hemorrhage cash.

    My question is: If we can agree that the Obama administration and the UAW takeover of GM & Chryler is sorta like the Hitler-Stalin Pact, then who are the Poles? The bondholders or the American people?

  5. “The government/UAW theft of most of the domestic auto industry…” The government was handed the industry. They should have gone bankrupt rather than run to Big Daddy. What a big throw-away of tax payers’ money.

  6. Wow- what a wonderful thing!
    Meanwhile my VW fuel burner gets better mileage than most, if not all the Hybrids driving around today.

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