Democratic Council Nomination on Saturday

If you are a Charlottesville Democrat, please remember to vote on Saturday. Dave Norris, Julian Taliaferro and Kristin Szakos are all running for the nomination for two available Council seats, while Mike Baird, James Brown III, and Phillip U. Brown are all running for the nomination for Sheriff. Those nominees will go on to run in the general election against whatever Republicans or independents decide to run. Charlottesville Tomorrow has a recording of last night’s Council candidate forum for those who need more information to make up their minds in that race.

At any time between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM on Saturday, any registered Charlottesville voter can go to Burley Middle School (on Rose Hill), sign a pledge not to support anybody running against the Democratic nominees, and cast a ballot for their choice for Council. Details are available on the Charlottesville Democrats’ website.

For all y’all Democrats who are supporting specific candidates here, this is your chance to make a pitch for your guy. I know that a lot of people are undecided, and I know that cvillenewsers are an engaged bunch. Who do you support, and why should others back your candidate of choice?

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