14 thoughts on “Foxfield and Dogwood Parade Tomorrow”

  1. Depending on where you live, you can still drive to Pantops and hang out at the Pantops Shopping Center :) Or even better, adopt a cat at the SPCA CATS shelter there. Lots of beautiful cats there now.

  2. There’s never been 20 Foxfield arrests for DUI. Why would there suddenly be tomorrow? Or did you mean arress for DIP (Drunk In Public)?

    Furthermore, contempt of cop often results in a DIP arrest. That doesn’t mean the person is actually drunk.

  3. What about underage drinking? I guess they look for that, too. Ahh…I remember back in the day when it was 18 for everything.

  4. Well, every year apparently they say they are cracking down .. boy who cried wolf at this point. Guess we’ll see.

    I’m sure I’ll have some photos up early next week .. our 2008 photos are up on Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/cvssc/sets/72157604782149796/)

    Last year was my first time and the Green section wasn’t that bad/unruly.. seems to be more grad students and mid-20 somethings.. now the Orange student section on the other hand is everything it is advertised as and more.

  5. What was the bet? 20?

    I’ll take 20 on there not being 20 DUI arrests tomorrow at or around Foxfield. Jeff can pay me now, or pay me on Sunday or Monday. :)

    I won’t take any bets on there not being 20 DIP arrests though. Only a fool would take that bet. I think the county police chief has made it pretty clear that they don’t even want the event in Albemarle County. But maybe that’s just my opinion of his statements and actions for the last 5 years or so.

  6. Fuuuck. I have to be over at UVa at 8am (to do a 4-hour long James Brown tribute on WTJU, incidentally.)

    Currently trying to calculate how early I’ll have to leave the house… 7? 6? Now?

  7. No 20 DUI arrests, but def 20 DIP & underage poss arrests. Guilty pleasure is watching the 19 yr-old co-ed being gently led, albeit in flex-tie cuffs, to the drunk bus by a cop as she curses him/her all the way. I want to run up to her and say, “Excuse me, all this is going to be repeated back to you in front of a judge in the harsh light of sobriety in court in 60 days w/, quite likely, your parents present. Tell the officer you’re sorry and keep your mouth shut.” You really have to try hard to get arrested at Foxfield.

    PS. The heat will make for tons of alcohol-related dehydration emergencies. Lots of work for EMS tomorrow.

  8. Anyone besides me on here go to the Dogwood Parade? Since I live only a few blocks from High Street I walked up and took it in.
    Fortunately able to watch it all in the shade-it was hot! Can imagine what what it must have been light for the Toy Lift person in the Santa suit or some others in heavy ,bulky costumes.
    Mostly the usual- beauty queens, high school bands, majorettes, fire engines. Delighted that Debbie Ryan was the Grand Marshal.
    And of course those holding or seeking political office. I wonder what was with the car that drove past with a Rob Bell sign and him not in it, only the female driver. Heard a few “where is he”? from people around me.
    Not that if I were a Republican these days I’d want to show my face in public either.
    And missing were the wonderful drag queens contingent of a few years ago. Hope it wasn’t because someone complained.

  9. My son and I were in the Dogwood Parade, walking/bikeriding under the banner of Local Motion. The traffic jam along 250, of parade people trying to turn onto McIntire Rd, was something else. We watched the parade while we waited for it to be our turn to march, and there were a lot of not very exciting vehicles with random political people in them. Our favorite was the guy who was having a lot of difficulty controlling his horse. Maybe a horse who is spooked by the sound of marching bands isn’t the best choice to ride in a parade.

  10. The United Way Segway Team was a pretty cool addition to the parade.

    Too many great things to do on Saturday. Wish everyone would check the calendar before planning their events.

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