6 thoughts on “Council Votes to Save McIntire Wading Pool”

  1. For the record, I think making a commitment to keep the pool before we have a master plan for that side of the park, or know what will happen with the parkway, is a mistake.

    I also think it’s a stunning lack of vision to commit to an old pool leaking a million gallons of water, when at the very least you could modernize the pool so that it would appeal to a broader section of the public. I know people have an attachment to things like that because they grew up playing in them. I grew up playing on the airplane at McIntire, but once it was decided it was a liability it was gone. Same with the big wooden hamster wheel thingy at Pen Park. Yes, I’d love to have saved those too, but it was percieved as impractical and a liability so they didn’t. Why is this different?

    Truthfully, this feels like a political move to appease those who were angry about both the parkway and the YMCA. To be clear though, I’m not so bothered by the decision to keep the pool, but rather that the discussion didn’t come in the context of the larger plan for the park.

  2. With the wading pool, softball fields, YMCA, parking lot and MCP interchange – I think that’s the master plan.

  3. “Last year, the pool used 274,535 gallons of water, though the amount is on the decline.”

  4. There’s a quote in the WCAV version of the story: “The wading pool is sort of like a stroll in the park, a quiet experience that is unique and dedicated to toddlers”. How quiet could it possibly be with Rt 250 running right by it! They should put the money toward relocating the pool somewhere else in the park, especially if the Meadowcreek Parkway is going to land right next to it in 2010.

  5. Quiet is one thing, but high urine content and e-coli is another. I wouldn’t go in there with hip waders on. Like I’ve seen they make this special toddler combo swim/diaper now. What the hell is that?

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