4 thoughts on “People Aren’t Stopping for School Buses”

  1. People aren’t stopping for ambulances, fire trucks, and cops, either. There’s no excuse for this – no matter where you are going, it’s highly doubtful your urgency is greater than emergency vehicles. It’s highly doubtful that your impatience might save a life or lives. If your child were in danger and waiting for that help, you’d probably be pretty pissed if you knew that most drivers just don’t feel like they need to bother.

    Might be interesting to have some cops trail the emergency vehicles and hand out a few tickets.

    Just pull over – ALL THE WAY over.

  2. As long as we’re going down the list, people, including UTS and CTS drivers and our own university and city police, are not stopping for red lights either. And I’ve never witnessed anyone being pulled over for this, so I’d be curious to see how many tickets are issued in this area for failure to stop for red lights and school buses and yield to pedestrians, and where those tickets occur.

    It’s something that bothers me a lot, because to me it suggests a basic lack of concern in individuals — an attitude that getting somewhere a few minutes faster is more important than anyone else’s safety, and the belief that “it can’t happen to me.” Usually it takes an accident or a near-miss to give someone a wake-up call, and even then it’s often only temporary.

  3. Out in the country, where I live, it’s the exact opposite. Everybody stops for EVERY school bus. It seems they need to be reminded of:

    There are instances when drivers do not have to stop for a stationary school bus, such as when the bus is on the other side of a divided highway.

    Of course, I’d rather people be more cautious than less.

  4. If you observe CTS or City School buses ignoring stop signs or speeding contact transit division manager Bill Watterson.


    Provide him with specific information, time of day, location and bus number.

    Informative feedback from the public is helpful.

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