5 thoughts on “Two Feet High and Rising”

  1. Key fact, which the Regress buried at the end:

    One rescue worker at the scene said it appeared that the victim may have been drinking.

  2. 1. The dive-rescue team is as good a choice as any for this job.
    2. Just shows the DP knows how to deliver a punch line.

  3. The victim should pay the bill for having the dive-rescue team respond. He should have also been charged with drunk and disorderly.

  4. Yes, perhaps mandatory sentences for Otis the town drunk, how about fifteen years? Life without parole? Would that keep your perceptions in perfect order for you? Get real, get a sense of humor, we have a lot more important issues than the dive rescue people having to get off their duffs and practice in a creek with a live dummy for an afternoon.

  5. colfer: There is no humor to be found for a drunk running around town and falling in the creek. He needs to be held accountable for his actions. There is no free pass, just because he was drunk. He was tying up emergency services. Including police officers and paramedics. If they were needed elsewhere, they could have been delayed in saving someone’s life. So, don’t pretend that he did nothing wrong.

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