Google Street View Incorporates Charlottesville

Charlottesville and Albemarle have, at long last, been included in Google’s Street View photography within their maps. The county coverage isn’t exactly exhaustive, but just about every street in the city has been photographed. I figure their truck came through sometime late last summer, based on the cues that I can pick up within the photos. I’ve already found my car parked in front of my office, though the graveled mountain pass that I live on didn’t make the cut. Collectively, the area’s businesses are going to lose a lot of work hours tomorrow as people scope out the town through the eyes of Google. Thanks to Kyle C. for the news.

6 thoughts on “Google Street View Incorporates Charlottesville”

  1. I think you’re right about that time frame, based on the outside display at Whole Foods (I was either off that day or there was a larger vehicle between mine and the Google camera) and the placement of particular Obama yard signs around town. Based on the # of cars in the WFM employee lot, I’d guess they hit Shopper’s World around 9 am.

  2. If you drive through 2nd street across the downtown mall you will notice that Mama Mia is playing at the regal cinema. So it must have been taken last summer.

  3. Some of it is way older than that. Check out JPA. The South Lawn Project hadn’t even been started yet. I’m pretty sure it’s the same shots of that part of the city that have been up for a couple of years now.

  4. it looks like they came by my house on a Monday morning… the recycling bins are waiting to be picked up out front.

  5. I’m gonna say September–UVa is clearly in session, as the McCormick Rd gate is down next to Garrett Hall. I found my car and I think I see my bike locked downtown, which would make it 9/8.

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