12 thoughts on “Goode Lays Groundwork for Campaign”

  1. Does anyone really think that Virgil ever thought about not running again? Districts won’t be redrawn until after the 2010 elections, and I don’t see him stepping aside until his district accurately reflects a geographic norm.

  2. Makes perfectly good sense to me. If the jobs are not created and we are still in a recession, Goode has fodder for a good campaign. I’m sure Perriello will welcome another run against Goode. He beat him once, so what does he have to be worried about?

  3. If the jobs are not created and we are still in a recession, Goode has fodder for a good campaign.

    Why? Does Virgil have some secret financial mojo and job-creating powers he’s been holding back?

  4. I’m sure he believes that many of those new voters who turnout for Obama and Perielllo will stay home for a midterm. I’m not sure how he wins back moderate republicans who left him in droves. Many think of him as too right wing for the 5th and I’m not sure how he could change their minds.

  5. He lost by fewer than 800 votes. Many of his votes were not FOR Perriello, but rather AGAINST anyone they associated with Bush. I’ve already heard from two people that they regret their vote. I’m sure there are many more that are angry about the grand giveaway in Washington, and…Who voted against the big welfare-for-the-rich welfare checks?

  6. “The accountability measures outlined in H.R. 384 are intended to ensure that taxpayers’ money used for this bailout is at least better protected and accounted for than it was under the administration of your predecessor
    He isn’t advocating for the welfare checks not be paid, just have a minimum opf restrictions.”

  7. According to his sight, he was talking about Bush’s Grand Giveaway. That was to been given out on two different occassions. Congressman Perriello was waying in on the second installment. He wasn’t in Congress when that vote came about. Goode voted the allowcation twice. I believe that Perriello voted for President Obama’s giveaway. Technically, he did not vote against the money being given, he voted for it with restrictions.

  8. Anybody notice how very much ‘generic’ republican $$$ has been tossed @ Perriello via TV ads already? Goode’s already got campaign money without this filing.

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