7 thoughts on “Downtown Just About Rented Out”

  1. Keep in mind two things.
    1) Retail space is limited to the mall level space. Upstairs offices are not part of this 94% concept.
    2) Stores that are closing down technically are still under rent. There is a store on Market Street that is hoping to “sub-lease” some of their space. Their asking price is about 60% of what others are asking per s.f. But, if you ask city council, that whole space is rented.

  2. “It would be helpful if you could provide a link, or more specific information, about where the City gets its information that 94% of space is leased. It sure looks like there’s much more available. Additionally, there are empty store fronts on the side street.

    How about a little more reporting on this issue? & sources?” is part of a comment made at http://www.topix.net/forum/source/nbc29/TMQIRCME2HME5UHHE I agree. Also, I think it would wise to see just how many store fronts will survive the bricking. This is a very untimely story. Also, is the city counting the street level offices as “store fronts?”

  3. Would the 6% of unoccupied space have anything to do with my Real Estate Taxes going up again this year?

  4. Dave, curious to know how downtown vacancy rates compare to other shopping centers in the area, some of which (like Albemarle Square, north wing of Barracks Rd. etc.) seem to be veritable ghost towns these days. Have you compared these numbers?

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