3 thoughts on “LexisNexis Layoffs?”

  1. I am semi-reliably informed by coworkers that no regular employees got the axe today, but a number of temps and contractors, some of whom have been working with the company for nearly a decade, had their contracts terminated (presumably with extreme prejudice).

    However, there are a number of layoffs of regular employees in the works that were announced last year.

    Surprisingly, this has not stopped them from adding several new middle and upper management positions (although others, but not as many as have been added, have been cut).

  2. I’m on the inside. They have been cherry-picking among departments to layoff the most highly compensated and most senior employees for more than 6months. The situation is critical. They are running low on operating cash due to over-extension from acquisitions the last year or so. Oddly they keep posting jobs but either leave them unfilled or hire and then fire or vice versa. The fired employee is normally someone much more highly compensated. Clearly they are restructuring but in a much more circumspect way. My guess is to keep a lid ok how bad things are in terms of their finacial outlook.

  3. I was a highly compensated associate of ChoicePoint and was let go shortly after Lexis to control of ChoicePoint’s assets. Additionally, approximately 100 select X-ChoicePoint associates were let go also — mostly long-term highly compensated associates.

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