13 thoughts on “Taggers Caught Downtown”

  1. Correction: you can see their -incredibly crappy- black tags all over downtown.

    The kids had a blank slate, and -that’s- the best they could do? Sad.

  2. These kids are 17. Rather than having their parents pay to have their messes cleaned up, I’d rather they be given the task of cleaning up after themselves as a start and cleaning up after others as a follow-up.

  3. Come on these are just children doing what any child would do. Silly non-violent prank. Let’s kiss and make-up and be happy. Not. Public flogging would be in order if I were in charge and then they would be make to clean up the mess.

  4. I haven’t bought any spray paint in a long time. Is it under lock and key at the stores and only available to adults? If so, who sold it or bought it for them? They too should be charged with accessory to vandalism.

  5. I think the problem here is the spray paint show loophole that allows individuals to sell spray paint to other individuals without a background check. Also, not everyone keeps their spray paint in a spray paint safe — or if they do, don’t always lock it. I’m pretty sure we’ll find out that the spray paint involved here was easily liftable from an uncle’s or grandfather’s home. This is all covered under the 2nd amendment, right?

  6. Not to mention the second hand fumes from the evil spray paint.
    Spray painting in public should be outlawed!!

  7. These kids are not in a gang. They’re bored teens with nothing better to do. That certainly doesn’t excuse their behaviour in any way (I think they should be involved in the clean up and/or pay for the cost of cleaning as well as community service) However, it is an easy excuse to blame the problem on gangs, shake our heads and go about our business until the next incident. Perhaps rather than spending $7 mill on re-bricking the mall or I-don’t-remember-how-much on that stupid “free speech” wall, the city could invest in programs that give teens something to do. These kids have a lot of potential and nothing to challenge them or maximze it. We claim to be a liberal, free thinking, “it takes a village” community but when it comes down to real people and events, we would rather turn our heads, hurry home, and lock our doors.

  8. Sorry Stan, I am correct. I know the kids. They’re not in a gang. Furthermore, I firmly believe that if more people were intersted in taking the time to invest in our youth, even those in gangs, we would see fewer and fewer of these problems.

  9. These kids were caught at 5 a.m. Thursday, when the vast majority of teens would be asleep or waking up to get ready for school. Even if there were programs that “gave them something to do,” presumably these programs would not be taking place at 5 a.m. on a school day. Besides that, what exactly do you suggest, LM? It seems to me that there’s plenty out there for teens to do besides get into trouble. It’s just that this group chose to damage the city with cans of spray paint instead.

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