One thought on “Bricks for Sale”

  1. Another example of after the fact thinking, poor planning, thoughts of easy cost recovery, etc. This project could easily have GENERATED REVENUE over time. I talked about this idea at one of the meetings, but it fell on deaf ears. Here it is/was:

    We’ve all seen this… Anyone who has been to a city w/ some forward thinking folks have seen their pedestrian malls bricked w/ dedicated, or simply inscribed, bricks that the people gladly pay for (and, given all the pretentiousness around c’ville, folks would f’ing line up to fork over 50 bucks per brick.) All you do is take the orders/money and then use the new (inscribed) bricks for “repairs as needed” until the whole thing is done over many years. Shit- they should have been doing that for years as they’ve bricked around the courthouse and some side streets- the dips.

    So, at the meeting, I stood up and asked why this wasn’t being investigated. The answer: “it’s not in keeping w/ the original Halperin design.” What nonsense- it wouldn’t have changed the overall visual lay out. It was clear to me the decisions had been made and nothing was going to change.

    Fires me up that this was all hamfisted, and at such a cost (and a clear statement as to screwed up priortities.) B/c of self induced pressure to keep this thing on schedule they’re scraping these good bricks up with a mini-dozer, and destroying a fair amount of them in the process. Way to go. With better planning this needn’t have been such a farce.

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