9 thoughts on “Free Electronics Recycling”

  1. Don’t put it off. I was in a few weeks back checking out TVs for “The Big Game” and asked about recycling my old TV if I purchased a new one. My salesperson told me that Crutchfield is discontinuing their recycling program at the end of the month. They will still have special events like the one this Saturday, but you won’t be able to drop off items everyday at the store like now. It was just too expensive to keep going. :(

  2. This is a silly question, but is this the best option for an “old” desktop? I had a computer made in 2003 that isn’t snazzy enough for me these days, but it isn’t junk. Back in Boston, a group of engineering students used to refurbish computers and give them to low income families. Do we have anything like that here?

  3. Anyone know what times they’re taking stuff, or is just the whole day when they’re open? I’m thinking the printer I’ve been carrying around in the trunk of my car for the past three years might be about to find a new home.

  4. I dropped off some TV’s and CRT’s out there on Sat. Whew, it wasn’t pleasant. I was happy to get rid of what I had but wow was it a mess. If they continue doing this, I hope they organize a little better. That shopping center couldn’t handle the load that came in there Sat.

  5. Agreed, it’s a great idea but after the mess on Saturday I doubt we’d ever go back. They need a better traffic pattern or more drop off days.

  6. I got there at about 3:15 and was kindly told that I couldn’t drop anything off as they would “be there all night” as it were.

    I really think that they underestimated the demand for people wanting to do the right thing by recycling …

  7. I got there about 3 p.m. and was also told they couldn’t take anything; however, some students said they wanted the electronics for a project and took my stuff. I just hope that they will recycle it once they’re done with it. The volume of electronics, particularly old computers and TVs, was incredible and I’m grateful that that they did the event. I’m not really sure what they could have done better, given the volume. I’ll get there earlier next time.

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