6 thoughts on “Ethanol Station Opens in C’ville”

  1. All of the coverage of this event, from channel 29 to the Daily Progress, omits one central fact: what does it cost?

    Energy independence is critical, yes, but I don’t think most folks will be pumping corn squeezin’s unless it’s cheaper.

    Same question applies to Bio-Diesel.

  2. Hawkins,

    One of the reports showed that E85 goes for $2.47 at that station. Not sure taht’s what you meant by “cost” however.

    The “new” Market at Fifth Street has signs stating it sells BioDiesel. Didn’t see the pump cost there when I drove through yesterday.

  3. Stormy: Thanks, that’s what I meant by “cost.”

    I imagine that dead-dinosaur gas is going for more like two bucks.

    So this is a whole chunk of the story that our local media doofuses have neglected: if the corn liquor gas costs 20 percent more, then why should people buy it? Patriotic appeal? Environmentalism? I would imagine that these would be worth one or two tanks at most.

    I see that the Lieutenant Governor bought a tankful. The big question, which applies to the fried-fish diesel as well is: will people buy it if it costs significantly more?

  4. What is the point of this ethanol stuff anyway? Put in 95 units of energy to get 100 out, meanwhile depleting farmland? We wait for cellulosic methods, maybe invite in some Brazilian engineers? Is that a pipe dream too? Delay delay? I’ve got some grass trash I’d like to rot.

    The pump here is the ony public one in the state, by the way, according to the link NBC29 published:

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