Schilling’s Show Cancelled

Saga Communications has cancelled Rob Schilling’s Saturday-morning show on WINA, Bryan McKenzie writes in today’s Daily Progress. The conservative talker and former Charlotteville City Councilor’s daily show has been airing for two years, Monday through Saturday. It’s one of just four shows being produced at WINA now, along with their morning show, Coy Barefoot’s afternoon show, and their “Best Seat in the House” sports show.

The Michigan-based Saga bought Eure Communications’ stations in 2004, which was when it became clear that change was coming to 3WV, WINA, and Z95, and not for the better. Station management wasn’t available to comment by the Progress’ press deadline, so Schilling himself is the source of the story. His show will be replaced with the Laura Ingraham Show. Whatever one thinks of Schilling or his show, there’s no doubt that the area is better served by his local show than a nationally-syndicated one.

20 thoughts on “Schilling’s Show Cancelled”

  1. Bring the rob schilling show back!!!!!! i know rob and called in. Rob is a good man. WINA YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON A GREAT PERSON. For you rob Lynchburg would have you anytime!!!!!!

  2. The syndicated shows are almost certainly cheaper, because Saga only has to pay to rebroadcast them, rather than bearing the entire cost of producing the show.

  3. Is that Dr. Laura, famous for diatribes against gays and lesbians? If so, great job putting hate speech on the air Saga, not that I listen to you anyway so why should you care.

  4. No, it’s Laura Ingraham. Just another blonde conservative – less blatantly offensive than Ann Coulter, but no less of a wing nut talking point.

  5. C’mon Big Al. She clerked for S.Ct. Justice. You may disagree w/ her, but she’s OK.

    Did I mention she’s a breast cancer survivor? Doesn’t that earn her a little street cred w/ my lefty friends?

  6. Not being Laura Ingraham earns her lots of credit with me. Never heard of her before though. Not sure what hair color has to do with it. Are there no blonde progressive male spokespeople? No dark haired conservative male pundits? Blonde jokes are so yesterday…..

  7. She is laura ingraham. she’s not that other quack laura who’s contemptuous and who can be seen in racy photos if one looks hard enough (not that it’s worth it). I do love me some hypocrisy though.

  8. Oops, meant to write Dr. Laura, must have eaten too much turkey :). I’d forgotten that about Dr. Laura, never went looking and wouldn’t but I do love me some hypocrisy myself.

  9. The Schilling show has been on for a year–Jan. 7 to Dec. 19, 2008 in the 1pm slot, according to Bring Back Rob. Before that he sat in for the late Dick Mountjoy in the morning show with Dick and Jane for about a year. On Sep. 4, 2007, without any pre-announcement, Rick Daniels came from 3WV and was the new morning show co-host. WINA lost listeners but WCHV hired conservative Joe Thomas late 2007 for its morning show. It was a good business move for WCHV, whose morning show 5-9am has grown listenership and expanded the talk station to 94.1 FM. Maybe WCHV can find room for Rob and even more listeners and revenue.

  10. laura ingrahma’s fine, but she’s just another voice in the burgeoning nat’l con radio audience. RS was unique and I will miss him.

  11. You know, even though I’ve had some nasty things said about me on Rob’s show, I still support the rights of people like him to have a local voice. Even though I tend to disagree with him on many things, he serves a role in our community. If I have to choose between a conservative from somewhere else, and a conservative from our home town then it’s a no brainer for me. At least Rob understands that Charlottesville isn’t “anywhere America”, and thus we aren’t well served by a talk show from somewhere else.

    Besides, I believe to have a viable liberal or progressive voice in this area, we must have an opposing viewpoint to provide a reasonable sanity check.

  12. I confess ignorance in this realm, but *do* we have a “viable liberal or progressive voice in this area” comparable to Rob’s show?

    Who are the liberal syndicated radio talk show people? Or does one assume they are all on NPR?

    Just curious to know what liberal talk shows are like.

  13. The only liberal talk radio I’ve ever heard is on Air America, and I dislike those shows as much and for the same reasons that I dislike conservative talk radio. I don’t think we need a “viable liberal or progressive voice in this area”; Charlottesville is so progressive that it would be redundant. :)

  14. I am curious why progressive equates to liberal. I know that those two terms generally get batted around together but I just don’t agree.

    Yahoo answers gives this:

    First, “liberal” and “progressive” are two completely different things and being liberal is by no means being progressive.

    Conservative means preferring traditional values.

    Liberal is the exact opposite.

    Moderate is like a combination of the two; in some issues, you are liberal, and in some issues, you are conservative

    And I kind of thing these descriptions are overly generalized.

  15. Note, I put the word “or” between the two terms. I suppose I could have said “and/or” if that would have clarified more. I don’t think they are necessarily the same thing (however I do think that conservatives have been so successful in making “liberal” a dirty word, that many liberals are now calling themselves “progressive”) Anyway, I dare say that Rob is neither.

    I also didn’t mean that we need a liberal talk show, but rather that the liberal and/or progressive community’s voice is rendered rather pointless without opposing viewpoints. Dialogue happens between two groups with different opinions. Without opposing viewpoints, there cannot be any meaningful dialogue, and liberals and/or progressives are then just talking to themselves.

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