5 thoughts on “UVa’s Flaming Manhole Cover”

  1. When will people playing D&D in the steam tunnels learn that the dragon’s breath defense is just inappropriate for such a confined space?

  2. In this day and age of gender equity, you’d think that the word “manhole” would have been long gone. Not only is it gender specific in a day and age when many a woman enters a manhole as part of her daily work, it also invites double-entendres like nobody’s business.

  3. The fire was started intentionally by someone in the tunnel below. Accidentally “dropping something” between the cracks of grate would not create that fire, unless you walk around with little tubes of c4 all day that you accidentally drop here and there.

    However, if someone is going to do that, they should wait until night so it at least looks better.

  4. Perhaps highly flammable materials are stored in the steam tunnels (seems unlikely) or there are regular buildups of leaves and garbage that caught fire? I kind of buy that.

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