5 thoughts on “Progress Endorses Goode”

  1. Perhpas they weren’t impressed by Perriello’s pseudo-Christian, pseudo-tithing public service program.

  2. Sure, Waldo. In the first paragraph I ever heard from Perriello’s mouth was that he was Catholic (who cares) and that all of his volunteers, in the spirit of giving, were giving 10% (tithing) of their time to doing community service projects. I made the religious connection because, as I said, the ideas were all in the same paragraph. Then he went on to talk about governmental issues.

  3. It’s the “pseudo” part that I’m unclear on. Do you mean that it’s not really religious and that it’s not really tithing? I’m just wondering if I’m misunderstanding what Perriello’s campaign is doing in this regard.

    And, FWIW, most Americans are concerned about the religious beliefs of candidates and elected officials. I understand that you’re not interested (it’s awfully low on my priority list for candidates, too), but the fact is that most people are.

  4. Yes, I do not feel that doing good works in the name of a politician is Christian and I don’t get it, 10% of what time, each day, time volunteering, time awake?
    But you’re right, many voters today expect for candidates to be religious (belong to a church and attend fairly regularly), and some require that the religion be Christian, but I’ve never a candidate introduce himself that way. They demurely bring it up later.
    I’m glad you figured out I wasn’t suggesting anything about the sincerity of his religious beliefs.

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