One thought on ““Describe a perfect day: Not answering this questionnaire.””

  1. What’s really funny is that Peter loved Charlottesville and had an absolutely great time while he was here. (He told me yesterday, “I feel like they gave me my own film festival. Who could complain?”). I think there’s a significant tongue-in-cheek aspect to his HotSeat answers that may be lost in the translation. Either way, he’s a charming and gracious gentleman.

    On the whole, I thought the majority of the Hook’s coverage of the festival was great. I was, however, completely astonished by Lindsay Barnes’ cover story on “Nine people we’d like to see run the Virginia Film Festival” (

    For the record, I should note that this story was utterly ridiculous, and revealed an alarming ignorance of everything about the Festival and the way it works. His “nominees” are wildly plucked out of thin air, showing a complete lack of knowledge about the entire process of selecting a Festival Director; furthermore, six of his nine choices would be confoundingly ill-suited choices for Festival Director… and at least seven of his nine names are incredibly unlikely.

    This article contains not a single shred of research, insight, or journalism of any kind. It is three-and-a-half pages of what I would generously describe as “completely making shit up.” Lindsay Barnes has written credible and worthwhile articles in the past. This is certainly not one of them.

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