UVa Football Player Arrested for B&E, Theft

The Cavaliers’ fullback RaShawn Jackson has been arrested and charged with B&E and theft, NBC 29 reports. Police say he broke into a dorm room last year and stole a game console. (Inquiring minds want to know: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Wii?) If this sounds familiar, you might be thinking of fellow Cavalier Mike Brown, arrested earlier this year for B&E, theft, and selling stolen goods. Or you might be thinking of one of the other three members of the football team who were also arrested this year. It’s getting tough to keep up.

2 thoughts on “UVa Football Player Arrested for B&E, Theft”

  1. Sounds like the football team need extracurricular activities that don’t involve breaking and entering, I think studying would be just fine enough. I wonder what percentage of non-football UVA students have been arrested vs football team members who have been arrested and then get some new football players who aren’t thieves and liars

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