NYT: 36 Hours in Charlottesville

The Times features C’ville as a travel destination. I’m a little dubious of the advice to drive north on 20 to get from Culpeper to Barboursville, and I’m sure I’ve never seen a mime downtown, but close enough.  #

4 Responses to “NYT: 36 Hours in Charlottesville”

  • Was a mime down on the Mall on a Friday in July. She stood still and waited for you to chuck in some coins.

  • Head out for the afternoon by driving northeast along Route 20 toward Barboursville, a town almost in another dimension. (The area was the fictional locale for “The Waltons” on TV.)

    They got that wrong. It’s 20 south to Scottsville/Schuyler that was the fictional Waltons locale.

  • Can you believe anything the NYT prints?

  • @Jogger,Not really.Nor any other newspaper.

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