4 thoughts on “NJ Rep. Says He Lives in Virginia”

  1. I didn’t realize somebody could have their cake and eat it too. So he votes in New Jersey, but claims Virginia residence?

    Doesn’t that mean that either he can’t represent New Jersey in Congress, or he pays out-of-state tuition? Oh wait – I just noticed that he’s a Republican.

    Never mind. Different rules, you know.

  2. I’m not sure I see what the big deal is. His family clearly does live in Virginia full-time; it seems reasonable to me for her to claim in-state residency.

  3. The big deal is that it is considered unseemly for a congressman—or his family—to live anywhere other than the state in which he has been elected. Personally, I think this is dumb. Unsurprisingly, part of being an effective legislator is actually being at the legislature. But there it is.

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