The Progress’ Impending Endorsements

Given the Progress record of hilariously goofy endorsements [1, 2], let’s all steel ourselves for this year’s round. I’m calling it now: Warner and McCain.

5 thoughts on “The Progress’ Impending Endorsements”

  1. I stopped reading endorsement editorials over a decade ago becuase they only state which campaign slogans they agree with and I already know which slogans I agree with. It would be different if I learned something new about a candidate.

  2. David Sewell, thanks for the link. “It would have been the only opportunity for voters in a wide audience to have seen incumbent Congressman Goode and challenger Tom Perriello square off against each other.” What a childish skewing of the political process. This is not a football game where you swill some beer and whoop and holler. The voters deserve a forum where issues are debated sanely and in depth.
    “Two non-televised debates have been held in Danville and Charlottesville, and another is anticipated.
    But a televised debate would have reached vastly more voters who deserve to see and hear the two men in action. ” What do they want, a striptease? Podcasts serve me well.
    Mr. Perriello’s staff agreed initially to schedule a debate between Mr. Goode and him on the Schilling Show, but they later backed out. Instead, Mr. Goode and Mr. Perriello appeared on his show separately. I got to hear all I needed to hear by listening to both shows. I assume that Mr. Goode didn’t want to debate Mr. Perriello in what he perceives as Perriello territory and Mr. Perriello didn’t want to debate in what he perceives as Goode territory. Who, other than apparently the DP, says that candidates must avail themselves to any and every media outlet that makes a request? I repeat my initial post.
    I’m curious, who was supposed to moderate the NBC29-sponsored debate?

  3. Why would Goode want to debate? As a matter of fact the
    debates are nothing but dog and pony shows. Nothing new ever
    comes out of debates (if that is what you want to call them)
    and watching them is a waste of time. Charlottesville and
    Albemarle will support Perriello and the rest of the district,
    which lives in the real world, will elect Goode for another

  4. Jogger,

    Before you make that claim, you might want to actually
    listen to the debates between Perriello and Goode…

    It isn’t so much that new information is presented, but rather
    it is instantly clear that Goode is completely out of touch with reality. There have even been suggestions that during some of the debates, Goode went so far off the deep end that people that came with holding his signs or wearing his buttons started lowering them or taking them off. Listening to the debates, I can imagine that happening. After all his years, you’d think Goode could at least show a basic level of understanding of foreign policy, instead he seriously claims the way to end the war in Iraq is to drill in ANWR…

    I suspect that this was why he was reluctant to debate Perriello on television. Each time he debates, Goodes poll numbers slide among those witnessing the debate.

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