Twenty Year Old Murdered on 2nd Street

Twenty year old Joshua Lee Gibson was stabbed to death at the entrance to Friendship Court yesterday afternoon, Tasha Kates reports for the Daily Progress. Lamont Jermaine Blakey, aged 26, has confessed to the killing, and is in custody. Gibson was stabbed in the chest with what’s said to have been a foot-long knife. Also injured was 44-year-old James Edward Brown, though he’s in good condition with a knife wound to the thigh. It’s thought that the murder was sparked by an argument over a woman.

This is the second murder in the neighborhood in just over two months—19-year-old Joshua Anthony Magruder was shot to death two blocks away in July.

9 Responses to “Twenty Year Old Murdered on 2nd Street”

  • All, please say a prayer for Josh’s family. They are suffering beyond believe.

  • Say a prayer for us all. Life seems cheap in the court of friendship.

  • Its sad that rage unchecked leads to such travesty. Seems little Cville is attracting a lot of that misguided suffering. Bless all those who have been affected.

  • Where are all the gun control advocates now? Why aren’t they railing against edged tools?

    When kitchen knives are outlawed, only outlaws will cook.

  • I’m shocked that renaming Garrett Square “Friendship Court” hasn’t had the desired effect.

  • I’m shocked that renaming Garrett Square “Friendship Court” hasn’t had the desired effect.

    Maybe they should try reverse psychology and re-rename it something like “Stabbington Commons”.

  • Multiple recent murders on Commonwealth also…a teen was shot by an unknown intruder last week at Autumn Hill.

  • Or “Bayonet Point”.

  • We have mapped this crime on SpotCrime. In addition, you’ll see the recent shootings in Charlottesville mapped too.

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