Progress Raises Prices to $0.75

The Daily Progress has raised their newsstand prices by 50%, Hawes Spencer writes for The Hook. The paper was $0.50 for some years, but on Monday it went up to $0.75. The Richmond Times-Dispatch, which is likewise owned by Media General, also raised their price to the same level on Monday. The narrative of the Progress over the past few years has been continuous spending cuts, often in a form negatively impacting the quality and quantity of reporting. This time, at least they’ve found a way to increase profit without cutting quality. And I can’t complain: like most people, I read the Progress online.

5 thoughts on “Progress Raises Prices to $0.75”

  1. Huh. So there are still people who actually purchase that huge sheaf of printed pages to read the news off of each and every day? How fascinating.

    Do they also communicate by telegram?

  2. Although I no longer subscribe to the Progress (much of the writing irritated me), to me there is nothing quite as satisfying (sex excluded and am not sure about that) as to be seated in an easy chair with a good morning paper and a hot cup of coffee.

    I`m a former ham (CW mode) and can`t resist commenting that two morse code operators trounced two “texters” in a contest for speed and error free transmissions. (J. Leno program.)

  3. Thats a shame. I grew up delivering the Daily Progress when it was still an afternoon paper. I’ll have a hard time paying 75 cents for a DP when the Washington post is just 50. Much like Rod I agree there is just something comforting about reading an actual newspaper.

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