3 thoughts on “In a Nutshell: Bad Idea”

  1. For years, music venues stretched along West Main. Why would RLC feel that this area on Preston, abutting the Tenth and Page and Rose Hill Drive neighborhoods, would be more preferable? Why not put in the former Starr Hill building and expand it into the adjoining building if more space is needed?
    Also a note for Nailgun, there are homes in the Tenth and Page area that have sold recently for prices in the range of $300 – $409 thousand. I’d call that some signs of gentrification.

  2. The reason RLC didn’t expand Starr Hill is because they didn’t own it. I think this is a stop gap measure while the Jefferson gets the big makeover. It would be nice to have but I think the needs of the neighbors do need to be put first.

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