LeRoi Moore Passes Away

Dave Matthews Band saxophone player, Charlottesvillian, and all-around wonderful human being LeRoi Moore died a few hours ago. Band management issued a statement this evening:

LeRoi Moore, saxophonist and founding member of Dave Matthews Band, died unexpectedly Tuesday afternoon, August 19, 2008, at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles from sudden complications stemming from his June ATV accident on his farm near Charlottesville, Virginia. Moore had recently returned to his Los Angeles home to begin an intensive physical rehabilitation program.

LeRoi was 46 years old.

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  1. All of my love and respect to Leroi Moore. An amazing musician and an even better man. We will all miss you.


  2. Thank you for 51 shows and many years following The Dave Matthews Band. You will always be remembered for being an incredible human being. Rest in peace, god bless.

  3. I wish that I had something useful to write about this—I feel quite certain that I’m expected to have something useful to write about this, at least by a handful of people—but I’m afraid that I’ve got nothing right now. It’s clear to me that something terrible has happened, but I can’t seem to get beyond that bit right now.

    Particularly, I feel terribly for his family, and selfish for being sad at what is surely nothing to me compared to their pain.

  4. Leroi,

    You’re playing has been the background music for my friends’ and my life for as long as i can remember.

    I’ll miss seeing those sunglasses at the shows.

    Rest in peace, we will miss you.

  5. LeRoi,
    Thanks for all of the memories and great music you provided for many. You will always be remembered. Thoughts and prayers for family and friends. Rest in peace.

  6. Such a Tragic event. You will be missed. Thank you for the beautiful music through the years. You will never be forgotten. You and you’re family are in my prayers. Rest in Peace LeRoi.

  7. just saw the LA show when Dave announced the news.
    Shocked is too mild a word. Felt horrible having known how tight the band is (15 plus shows) Prayers for his family and friends.

  8. LeRoi was a fantastic and creative musician, an integral part of a history-making band, a CHS grad, the son of the beloved A.P. Moore, and the son of Charlottesville. LeRoi and I were in the same freshman music class at JMU in 1978. In the years since, I have been constantly amazed and grateful that LeRoi and the other band members have remained completely authentic, stayed in touch with their old friends, and continued to give so much back to their community.

    I had heard LeRoi was improving after the accident and am in shock over the news of his passing. My deepest condolences to LeRoi’s family, to Boyd and Carter, who grew up in the same neighborhood with LeRoi, to Dave, Stefan, and Butch, to the C’ville music community, and to all DMB fans everywhere.

  9. Goodnight Leroi, rest easy my friend. You were loved and will be missed. You’ve changed the lives of millions with music, and that’s all a musician could ever hope to do in this life.
    Much Love,
    Scott and Family

  10. A true local talent who went all the way. But how does a young guy like that go from such a strange circumstance? I’ve never ridden one of those ATV contraptions, but it’s clear they’re dangerous for the novice rider. I believe Ozzy almost bought it from riding one, too. Awful!

  11. LeRoi,

    today is a sad day, but a happy day up in the heaven’s above. I know that you’ll be playing forever above us and may you leave in peace.. forever

    It’s always easier to leave than to be left…

  12. Roi, I will miss you at the shows. Thank you for 10 years of great music that left me with healing, goosebumps and the chills at times. I hope you are at peace.

    She walks these hills in a Long Black Veil
    She visits my grave when the night winds wail
    Nobody knows, nobody sees, nobody knows but me

  13. “If I go/before I’m old/ oh, brother of mine/please don’t forget me if I go.” — DMB

  14. RIP my dear friend. You will be with us always.

    May God be with you and yours during this troubled time.

    God Bless and farewell.

  15. LeRoi, we will miss you. You can play your sax with the other great musicians we have lost. This morning felt like Dec. 5, 1980, waking up to the news about John Lennon. All you want to do is cry. My thoughts and prayers are with the guys and families.

    “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you die.” DMB

    A bereaved fan in Kansas.

  16. I love Leroi’s break into lie in our graves, when he plays “somewhere over the Rainbow”. He made it very clear to me, that we are here for a very short time, and that time is a gift to use. I belive LeRoi has used it well, and at the same time He has sent a clear message to all of us still living, Make the Best of whats around, and share with everyone these same powerfull qualties. And also do something good with yourself while you are here. Pray for the ones who are hurting. Let God send them a touch of peace and understanding, Lets back them up.

  17. Being a contemporary of LeRoi’s, in addition to a fan, I’d like to say that his contribution and musical excellence made every one of the DMB concerts I attended absolutely spectacular. What a loss we all now experience. Our hearts and prayers are with the band, LeRoi’s family, and all the loyal fans mourning this loss. RIP, LeRoi. Now that you’re sitting on top of the world with your legs hanging free, blow the feathers off those angel wings up there with your sax!

  18. Roi,
    youre music has touched millions for all these years. Now you are set free, “somewhere over the rainbow” Rest in Peace Roi, you will be deeply missed.

  19. I wanted to pass my condolences to all of the people close to LeRoi. As a huge DMB fan from Kansas I can’t begin to describe how much of my life has been influenced by the band. I have seen them live over 50 times. The amazing music they produced will never be the same without him. I am very saddened today. Rest in Peace LeRoi.

  20. I remember noticing LeRoi standing several feet across from me in a crowd at the 1995 H.O.R.D.E. festival in Chicago while watching Dave roll up in a golf cart to play in a small stage amongst the fans. I remember seeing him blow that sax for the first time that night when the band played and he blew me away. I remember seeing him up close in the front rows of DMB concerts those precious few times I was able to get such a lucky ticket. I remember visiting Charlottesville in 1998 because LeRoi and the band said it was such a beautiful place. You are remembered, LeRoi. Thanx for the memories and sax riffs floating in my head. Charlottesville, you are home to a Legend.

  21. Thank you Leroi for giving the sweet soul to the Dave Matthews Band that kept me begging for more. Your music will always provide a heavenly escape from this crazy mixed up world we live in. Adrian & Michael Brown of Portland, Oregon.

  22. Actually, Leroi graduated from Western Albemarle High School along with his brothers. The world has suffered a great loss. Leroi’s music will continue to live. R.I.P. Roi

  23. Feels like losing a friend, even though I never knew him. His music meant so much to so many. The world is without now. I was introduced to DMB’s music about 12 years ago at a very sentimental point in my life and the sound of DMB has always represented and reminded me of that time in my life, which is why the band became a favorite (that and how awesome they are). The aura that the band has around me and my friends will always be there. Leroi, you will never be forgotten. Thanks for everything you given to us up here in Pittsburgh PA. My deepest sympathies for his family, friends and the band for their loss. We all love you buddy, RIP.
    PS. Leroi, could you do me a favor and tell GOD to please do something about the jerks that keyed my new car yesterday….thanks buddy. See you on the other side.

  24. Hey Waldo!

    If you hear of any local locations where people are paying their respects, let me know. Jen and I are devastated and considering driving down and laying our respects down wherever the spot may turn out to be.

  25. I’ve seen the band almost 50 times over the last decade and I was at the Staples show on Tuesday night. I didn’t truly believe it until I heard Dave say it. It was such an emotional show, the band did such a fantastic job honoring their brother that night. My heart goes out to LeRoi’s family, friends, the band and the crew. Dave’s story about meeting LeRoi and then going into Sister made our entire row burst into tears. Everyone singing “Celebrate we will because life is short but sweet for certain” to end the show was so touching. LeRoi, your music inspired millions. You are forever in our hearts and I thank you for the joy you have given your fans. RIP.

  26. Leroi,

    You brought so many people, young and old, tremendous joy with your music. Thank you for the wonderful gift you gave us. You will never be forgotten.

    My love and deepest sympathies to your family, friends, and to the Dave Matthews Band.


  27. You were so incredibly talented, and will be remembered in our hearts forever, until we join you!! lovies

  28. LeRoi,

    I met you down at Millers over 20 years ago, one night when you were playing with Johnny and Houston. From that first night, I could tell what a wonderful, warm soul you were. When I hear your sax, it still touches me the same way it did so many years ago on that sultry August night.

    It was absolutely heartbreaking to hear the news that you’d passed away the other night, but I hope that you are resting peacefully, dear friend. You have made such a mark on this world, and you will truly be missed. We will always love you, and remember you in our hearts.

    Jodie & Gilly

  29. It has always been a high point of every year to see DMB when they come to Houston. The show has always been so intense and inspirational. I walk away with great respect for such an incredible group of musicians who are like brothers and who compliment each other so well. I am truly saddened by the loss of Leroi Moore, a great person and musician. The result will undeniably change the face and sound of DMB. I will miss your beautiful rhythms and outstanding musicianship. You are truly free now Leroi and you have the best stage on which to perform. Celebrate as only you can in heaven, my brother. Play on to your soul’s content! You are in our prayers and will never be forgotten.


  30. Such a tragic loss of a fantastic human being and the BEST saxophone player today….a man who can provide goosebumps with his trade is a master of the saxophone…..As I write this, I still do not believe LeRoi has left us….I have become a rabid DMB fan over the last 5 years and i dont know of a better collective band to ever touch my soul…this is such a major tragedy to which there are no answers for…..”If I go, before I’m old…Oh brother of mine dont forget me if I go”…We of the DMB Empire could never forget the Legend of LeRoi Moore…..My heartfelt condolences to his Family, both of the DMB members and of his born family….God Bless LeRoi…Thank you for the wonderful memories and I for one will NEVER forget you. Bob Lynn…Waltham, Massachusetts

  31. LeRoi,
    Thank you so much for living the life you lived. The many days and nights that I was blessed enough to share the air with you will never be lost, as for us all. Thank you for sharing some of the greatest times of my life. Gonna really miss the shy guy behind the shades, my brother. But, damn, could you blow a horn. Simply amazing.

    I think Dave said it best, “It’s easier to leave than to be left.”

    Thank God music is timeless, and you will continue to live among us all forever.

    Rest in Peace, LeRoi.

    Remember Two Things

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